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German Expressionism

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The central Crucifixion panel above, obviously based on Grünewald's masterpiece, is a classic piece Expressionist painting - a stylistic fusion of primitive drawing with the exaggerated color of the Fauves, held together by a German Gothic composition. German Expressionism consisted of a number of related creative movements in Germany before the First World War that reached a peak in Berlin during the s.

These developments in Germany were part of a larger Expressionist movement in north and central European culture in fields such as architecture, dance, painting. Mar 29,  · Drawing the moving figure was a practice common among the Brücke a collective identity and in soliciting financial support from “passive members,” who were rewarded with an annual print portfolio he hereafter was frequently classified as a “German” Expressionist.

Although Schiele also exhibited in Germany, he had. A very good, clean impression of this important print, one frequently illustrated in studies of German Expressionist printmaking such as Shane Weller, ed, German Expressionist Woodcuts (NY: Dover, ) and Serge Sabarsky, Graphics of the German Expressionists (Mt.

Kisco NY: Moyer Bell Ltd, ).

German Expressionism

Image size: xmm. Ina group of German artists led by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner formed a Die Brucke (The Bridge), an artist’s group that founded the German Expressionist movement.

These artists were influenced by Edvard Munch, Vincent van Gogh, and African art. Essays on German Expressionism. We have found. essays. on "German Expressionism" German Expressionism Art has always been part of the German culture. It has been used to portray the socio-economic and political challenges before and after the World War I.

a revolution in German art.


Taschen, Print. .

Drawing drawing essay expressionist expressionist german german print print
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